About NYF 2021: Yuvaah

Celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of youth icon Swami Vivekananda, the National Youth Festival is an annual gathering of youth with various activities including competitive ones.

It is organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India in collaboration with one of the State Governments.

Swami Vivekananda's birthday on January 12 is always celebrated as National Youth Day and the week commencing from that day is known as the National Youth Week. As part of National Youth Week celebrations, the Government of India holds the National Youth Festival every year between 12 to 16 January.

This is an event of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India and is usually celebrated annually in one of the states in a joint venture. But this year, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has decided not have an anchor state and to go online and let each state bring their talent to the fore.

The youth festival aims to propagate the concept of national integration, spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage and adventure amongst the youth by exhibiting their cultural prowess in a common platform. This is done by organizing gatherings of youth across the country and encouraging them to take part in different activities.

Crucial components of the National Youth Festival are the competitive events. To compete at the national level, the young talents perform their level best to get themselves medals and awards. To conduct these competitions, eighteen in all disciplines, a team of officers was deployed who managed the competitions, helped in creating logistical arrangements for smooth conduct of competitions, collected and collated the results.

The activities held during the festival include competitive and non-competitive cultural events, martial arts, exhibitions, intellectual discourses, young artists camps, seminars and adventure programmes. The presentation of National Youth Awards also takes place.

This year the theme for the festival is YUVAAH!
YUVAAH celebrates and acknowledges the energy of new India and helps provide a platform to the youth to showcase their talent.

The festival will be carried out in three parts and will cover genres such as music, dance, regional, theatre and visual arts and more.

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Judging each of the respective competitions will be renowned personalities from across India.

Last date for entries is 3 January 2021.

The festival will conclude on 16 January 2021.