NYF 2021: YUVAAH & HMI collaborate to spread the message of unity, peace & fitness.

As part of the NYF 2021: YUVAAH’s efforts to spread the message of unity, safety and promote FIT INDIA, we are proud to announce the following activities are being planned by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling.

Under the guidance of Captain Jai Kishan, a World Record- Surya Namaskar attempt will be made.

It is interesting to note that on 15 Dec 2020, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute set a new milestone in West Sikkim, in close proximity of Mount Kanchenjunga, (the third highest peak in the world), by undertaking the first ever trial of Sports Skydiving from a height of 7000 AMSL using a TANDEM PARA GLIDER.

This was dedicated to NYF 2021: YUVAAH and initiated HMI.

NYF 2021: YUVAAH & the Indian Mountaineering Foundation collaborate for NYF 2021: YUVAAH!

Read more about the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and their efforts across Indi and the proposed activities with NYF 2021: YUVAAH!


1. The first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Late Tenzing Norgay generated great interest in mountaineering in India, which led to the establishment of Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF).

2. IMF was formed in 1957 as the Sponsoring Committee of the Cho Oyu Expedition and was Registered on 03 November 1961. The new building of the IMF Complex New Delhi was inaugurated by Smt Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 1980.

3. The IMF is the National Apex Body for Mountaineering, Trekking, Sport Climbing and allied land based adventure activities. IMF is a non-political organization, with elected Individual Members. The President, IMF manages the affairs of the Foundation through the Honorary Secretary, Governing Council and various Committees, whose selection is carried out every two years. IMF has almost organized 2993 Indian, 1926 Foreign & 14 Joint Expeditions to the high peaks in the Himalaya and the Karakoram, including to Mt Everest till now besides other allied land based activities.

2. The Government of India’s Ministries have vested with IMF the following statutory powers:-

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs

    To regulate Indian and Foreign mountaineering expeditions in India under the Foreigners’ Regulation Act.

  2. Ministry of Defence

    Security clearance of mountaineers of foreign mountaineering expeditions.

  3. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

    Nominated as National Apex Body for promotion and coordination of mountaineering and land-based adventure activities.

  4. Ministry of Finance

    Authorized to import mountaineering and other adventure activities training equipment free of Custom Duty.

  5. DoPT (Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions)

    30 days Special Casual Leave is provided on IMF approved Mountaineering & Trekking Expeditions.

  6. Ministry of Tourism.

    To promote Mountaineering & Trekking Expeditions in India, showcasing it as an international adventure destination.

  7. MSME.

    To promote requisite Mountaineering & Trekking skills with the purpose of generating employment, recognizing and certifying training.

  8. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

    To prepare National Standards of training, equipment and safety with regard to Mountaineering & Trekking.

3. International Affiliation
IMF is a member of world bodies like the UIAA (International Climbing Federation) and IFSC( International Federation for Sport Climbing).

4. IMF Regular Activities
IMF conducts and regulates the following activities at the national level:-

- Indian Mountaineering Expeditions.

- Foreign Mountaineering Expeditions

- Joint Mountaineering Expeditions with foreign countries.

- High Altitude Exploratory Trekking Expedition.

- Search & Rescue Expeditions/Operations.

- Alpine Skills\Climbing Camps (Summer and Winter).

- Mountain Cleaning Expeditions.

- Liaison Officers Courses.

- Training Courses/Expeditions for the Differently abled.

- Sport Climbing Training and Competitions.

- Scholarship to under-privileged youth.

- Mountain Film Festivals.

- Mountain Medicine/WAFA and Leadership Courses.

- Day based adventure activities within the IMF campus etc.

- Special Training.

- Financial support to Mountaineering Youth Clubs.

4. Facilities Available at the IMF
IMF campus is fully self reliant and self contained and has the following facilities :-

-Reference Library-cum-Reading Room.

-Digitalized Documentation & Information Center.

-Conference Hall & Auditorium.

-Dormitories & Canteen.

-Equipment Store for hiring of Mountaineering Equipment.


- International Sport Climbing Wall.

-Bouldering Wall.

- Adventure Obstacle course.

-Souvenir Shop.

-IMF Campus has emerged as a most popular day adventure destination among school students of the NCR.

5. Physical Activities Proposed for 24th Youth Festival, Sponsored by Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt Of India

  1. Winter Alpine Skills Climbing Camp in Uttarakhand Himalaya during January–2021.

    National Winter Alpine Skill Climbing Camp is being organized in Uttarakhand Himalaya during January 2021. The aim of this programme is to promote Winter Climbing Skills during winter conditions and to select young mountaineers from all over India for Mountain Leadership Training Programme. The participants, through this program, will be trained in Winter Climbing, Route Opening, Lead Climbing, Winter Survival, Winter Camping, Alpine Climbing, Theory Classes on Self Sustained Mountaineering, Principles of Safety, Trekking & Environmental Related Issues in Indian Himalaya.

  2. Cleaning Expeditions under “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.

    In keeping with the National directive, IMF will organize Clean Himalaya Programme with four Cleaning Expeditions in Indian Himalaya in Arunachal Pradesh/Ladakh/Himachal Pradesh/Uttrakhand and Sikkim/West Bengal on the major high altitude trekking routes during January/February 2021.These cleaning expeditions on trekking routes, frequented areas by climbers of Indian Himalaya as feasible in the winter conditions will be sent. The cleaning expeditions will ensure bringing back Bio Non Degradable waste like used tins , plastic scrap and other items left over by the previous expeditions and trekkers. The cleaning expeditions will not only clean the mountains and trekking routes, but will also motivate and involve youth of the villages in far flung areas in cleaning activity and spread the message of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.in the Himalayan hinterland. The main aim is to bring down the garbage to Base Camp and Road Head for proper disposal. These expeditions will go a long way in contributing to preserving of the fragile ecology of our mountainous regions.

  3. High Altitude Winter Trek in Arunachal Pradesh.

    To explore undertake a challenging Winter Trek in less frequented ares of areas of Himalaya, in challenging winter conditions and promote the spirit of adventure in the Youth of India in the North East Region, a High Altitude Winter Trek in January 2021 will be conducted in Arunachal Pradesh. Training on Winter Camping, Winter Survival, Trekking skills etc in winter will be imparted.

  4. Sport Climbing Activities

    Sport Climbing has emerged as one of the most dynamic sports of the world, which has fired the imagination of our youth. Basic / Intermediate Level Sport Climbing & IMF Youth Climbing Championships/ Training at five IMF Zones .i.e North, East, West, North East and South Zones will be conducted for the Youth of the country in January, 2021.

5. Virtual Activities Proposed for 24th Youth Festival, Sponsored by Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt Of India

(a) Screening of Selected IMF Webinars on ( 10 to 15 minutes):-

(i) Photography.

(ii) Interesting Journeys.

(iii) Wild life.

(iv) Challenging Indian and Foreign Climbs.

(v) Culture.

(vi) Environmental Cleaning.

(b) IMF Film Festival. (IMF Youth Adventure Youth Festival ) Select screening of short high octane and adrenalin films to motivate Youth. Each film varies 8 to 10 films.

(b) Online Workshops on :-

(i) (i) Planning for an Outdoor Trek.

(ii) (ii) The art of Back Packing.

(c) Motivation Talks. Motivation Promotion of Adventure Sports, through short 10 minutes talks by prominent Youth Mountaineers like Shri Kiren D’ Souza, Ms Prerna Dangi, Mr. Keval Hiren Kakka , Mr. Arjun Bajpayee , Ms. Arunima Sinha etc, will be done in January 2021. These talks will be online.